The misconceptions of Building-muscle guides; the Dos and Do nots

         Hallo readers, and all those who are aspiring to build mass and or lean muscle. I have gone through a lot of information on the net on how best to build mass and/or muscle. There are a lot of hearsay all over the place on formulas and drugs that can accomplish this fit. Am sure most of you just like me have seen this to be true. Some sites go as far as quoting professionals as the source of the information they supply so freely; at times reputable professionals and major sites.
         The worst bit about all this is that unsuspecting people in the public fall prey to this kind of information and end up following it to no avail. Honestly, I pity the many that go out and get work out formulas, steroids and protein boosts successful reading after an article on the net. Seems like the simple solution and who is there to correct them and get them out of their folly. You can imagine the kind of cases such people end up facing in the long run, medical cases and the like, even worse un-proportional body growth and size.
          Simply put, most of us want to grow muscle and get that godly body shape for whatever reason. This desire is justified and very achievable, and like most things in our reality this achievement should be realized at a steady pace. There is no fast-paced muscle growth or quick get-into-shape schemes. Most of these schemes end up causing more harm than good, to the individual and his family and friends. I do agree there’s a formula to proper muscle-building and fitness guide, but such a guide will never be masked as a quick-muscle-building guide. It will appear as a day-to-day lifestyle change process that helps in optimum muscle growth.
        The No nonsense Muscle guide from the fitness instructors Vince Del monte is such a guide, with great advice on how to build muscle healthily and at a pace comfortable with your body. In body building, diet also plays an important role, so I you shy away from a little science it may not work for you. You need to be truly passionate for this and dedicate some time to build knowledge on the same. It’s not about eating a lot, or gobbling down loads of Carbohydrates, or any one kind. It is more of a balancing art that quickly gets your attention and captures your interest. Interestingly is that exercising comes naturally to everyone, so this will be an easy task of directing it to building great packs.
        Dedication, dedication and dedication. Find a greatly reviewed Guide to building muscle and fitness. Follow it and remember there are no short-cuts, and if so they are expensive in the long run. Even though there needs to be some kind of quick energy supply as you work out, be keen to get good advice from experienced guys.
        I found Vince Del Monte well exposed and experienced, try your best.


You could date massage therapy back thousands of years and find it in many different cultures. Even Hippocrates the father of modern medicine who changed the face of health-care and paved the way for the scientific study of medicine valued massage therapy as a way to improve and maintain your health.
Quote “The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly also in rubbing; for things that have the same name have not always the same effects. For rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid … Rubbing can bind and loosen; can make flesh and cause parts to waste.” Hippocrates (460 to 377 B.C.)

The myth! There is a misconception many people share,  massage therapy is only a luxury only deserved on special occasions! You may hear someone say “I want to spoil myself with a massage” or “I am treating myself to a massage”
It could be a lack of education or misunderstanding about massage. The fact is, it’s an ally to keeping you well and the vast majority still don’t consider massage therapy as a regular option for better health and vitality.
It’s slowly changing with more and more people taking responsibility for their own health by questioning, investigating and seeking out the truth when it comes to their health.  My goal is to provide information that will provide you with new insights that are useful in your path to wellness.


Many diets can be dangerous to the health as well as the body mass. Believe it or not, most low-carb diets can deplete muscle mass and this can be dangerous. Many have said that the only way you can truly lose weight is by consuming fewer calories than your body needs. However this is false. The key to weight loss is consuming the correct amount of nutrients the body needs. Nutritionally deprived food is not good for weight loss because it becomes junk in the body and is stored as fat.

For every calorie that you deprive your body of, your body goes into survival mode and eats away at muscle fiber. That is why a person can go for weeks without eating before they die because the body starts to eat away at itself. Contrary to popular belief, fat is not the only thing that is used by the body when we do not eat the correct amount of food. It also goes to work on other things.

Ask any body building trainer and they will tell you that muscle is one of the best forms of stored energy for the body to use when nutrients are not present. Here are some facts to consider.

3,500 Calories stored in one pound of FAT.
35 Calories burned daily by one pound of active MUSCLE.
2 Calories burned daily by one pound of FAT.
1/2–1 lb. MUSCLE LOST each year after age 35 for men who don’t train.
1 1/2 lbs. FAT GAINED each year after age 35 for sedentary men.
So remember, muscle is just as much fair game as fat is when you deprive your body of nutrients.


Men and women are trying hard to improve their body’s and fitness. Most of people in order to achieve that, nowadays depend upon internet in some way. What is the truth of online lose fat gain muscle environment?

Well, the fact is that it’s not at all “clean and wonderful” destination to be – if you ask me. Truly it is even more difficult then searching for the answers offline for the reason that next to bodybuilding enterprise there are plenty of individuals who are attempting to make money but have no idea nor experience in these part of life.

Let us discuss 3 things you want to avoid from if you wish to remain on the correct lose fat gain muscle path.

1) For those who practice just like a professional body builder you definitely will build up a muscular areas like a professional – That is fully Not Truth.

This is wholly fake claim. You need the gene history to be as good.
Then you may have to be as mad like them – choose steroids and a lot of supplements in order to keep up with them.

We all require a customized procedure, lose fat gain muscle method that may work good.

2) 'exercise far more - much larger muscles is a certain result' –>that is absolutely improper.

If this could be the truth we would see a lots of buff man. Shelling out more and more hours in a gym exercising is not serving to your lose fat gain muscle final results.

3) To experience real 'lose fat gain muscle' effects you Have to take in “magical” alternative – a muscle booster, pill, powder, supplement pack.->once again absolutely incorrect.

All right, should you be extremely keen and sincere about lose fat gain muscle final results you may be in need to work with supplements but you need to find a manufacturer that supply high quality and that is certainly difficult trust me.

However don’t get worried. Generally there are people who are equipped and eager to help and assist you in total lose fat gain muscle effort.
Get the full-muscle-building guide tested and approved..


Shredded six pack! Freaky abs! Nearly everyone on the planet wants a flat stomach or ripped abs. At times this goal can seem impossible. But if you are like most you continue to eat healthy and knock out crunches by the hundreds, determined not to give up.

Is it really that hard to forge a waistline you are proud to reveal at the beach? Well, the truth is this: having a great set of abs is not easy! Nothing worth having is ever easy. Unfortunately, most people make the quest for a six pack much more difficult than it is by focusing too much on ab workouts, while putting very little thought into a proper diet.

Just what exactly does it take to have great abs? Simply stated, you need to do the following:

1. Build your abs - To build a thick and impressive six pack your ab workouts must be challenging.
2. Reveal your abs - To reveal your thick abs you need to diet properly and shed fat while maintaining muscle.

This article will help you to do both. We will explore common abs myths, look at some of the best ab exercises and workouts, and detail how to best eat to shed some fat and reveal your abs. We will also present cardio and supplementation strategies to help you amplify your fat burning efforts.

So let's get started. The beach is waiting!